The Four Waves of Feminism (And Why They Matter for All Women)


What exactly is the Fourth Wave of Feminism? – and what does it mean for the women of today?

Feminism is at an all-time high. Looking back on our rich, powerful history- the first wave of feminism centered around suffrage and legal gains, while the second moved to women’s reproductive rights. The third wave introduced more complexity to the movement through gender equality and a focus on the individual battles women face. More recently, there is a new wave hitting the feminism coast.
A fourth wave of feminism is here. The main issues women fight for today are fueled by the previous battles of the women before them.
Empowered by the constant connectivity of the Internet and the strength of the #MeToo movement, a new wave of feminists are speaking out in record numbers against discrimination. A new era for feminism has begun, full of passion, social-influencing power, and demanding change.

Highlights of the new 27-page guide on the Four Waves of Feminism:
• a detailed history of each of the 4 waves of feminism,
• key historic dates in the fight for women’s equality
• Famous female firsts
• The impacts women are making in today’s battle for equality

What an exciting time in Herstory it is.


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