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Progressive Women’s Leadership E-Guide series offers impactful solutions for the most common workplace challenges through actionable tools and tips that you can apply immediately to your everyday career.

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Recognize – and Prevent — the Causes of Workplace Conflict 

This essential guide will provide you with proven strategies to identify, eliminate and prevent conflict in the workplace. Develop the proven leadership tactics to recognize the catalysts of conflict among your co-workers and subordinates and how properly intervene to stop workplace drama. You will discover these must-know strategies:

  • The 4 most common causes of workplace conflict and how to prevent them
  • Finding the right balance of competition to motivate workers without causing conflict
  • Proven communication tools to cut through the emotion of conflict and workplace drama
  • Tactics to unveil hidden causes of conflict and how to diffuse the tension of arguments
  • Bridging generational gaps that cause conflict with proven communication skills
  • Keys to using leadership skills to maintain workplace harmony without playing referee

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Master 4 Levels of Communication 

  • 4 Levels of Communication: What are they and how to you master them
  • Keep it Simple: Overcoming miscommunication
  • Perfect Your Approach: Deliver criticism and hard messages like a leader
  • Efficient communication strategies: How to say more with less and not be blunt
  • Non-verbal communication tips: Body language and facial expression awareness
  • Keys to developing your unique voice: Tone, attitude & more

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Creating Powerful Presentations

  • The 6 Keys of great presentations & how to incorporate them
  • Tips, tools and techniques to establish and convey your authority
  • Strategies to find your authentic voice as a presenter and a leader
  • Wow factor analysis: Present to impress
  • Keys to perfecting intonation, facial expressions & body language
  • How to captivate your audience and keep them wanting more

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No Backlash: Lead Aggressively and Get Results 

  • Anticipate situations where you might need to deflect arguments
  • Push others to get things done – without seeming pushy
  • Use inclusive language wisely to give directives when you’re in charge
  • Pay closer attention to what your nonverbal language is saying
  • Approach common communication situations that call for aggressive leadership skills
  • Understand others’ questions to avoid taking criticism personally

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The Strategic Power of No 

  • Frame Your No – effective communication is key: The way you say no is just as important to deciding whether or not to pursue an opportunity. Changing the language you use drastically affects how the ‘no’ is perceived
  • The Master “Power of No” Flowchart – Packed full of real-world scenarios, this easy-to-follow tool will help you determine when and how to say no
  • Establishing Boundaries – How can you defend against the barrage of requests, appointments and deadlines? It all starts with having the defenses in place
  • Setting Limits – That positive, “can-do” attitude is essential to success, but no one can do it all
  • Practical Solutions to Real World Situations – Use our proven case scenarios to troubleshoot saying no in situations you might face in everyday business

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Emotional Intelligence Strategies

  • The 5 traits of emotional intelligence and how to recognize them in yourself & others
  • How to use emotional intelligence in the workplace to improve results & drive your career
  • Actions to take right now to improve your emotional intelligence
  • Building an emotionally intelligent team with the 5 keys to success every leader should use
  • Core competencies for building better relationships using emotional intelligence
  • How to become a better leader & advance your career with proven EI tactics & actions

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