Secrets of a Super Boss: 5 Things The Best Leaders Do Differently

Businesswoman in center of group

Be honest with yourself: Do you make your employees happy? We aren’t talking about bringing in doughnuts from time to time or cracking a joke here and there. The best women leaders skip the superficial stuff because … [Read more...]

Inside the C-Suite: Meet Meg Whitman, CEO, Hewlett Packard Enterprise


Meg Whitman seems to be the female CEO with the easiest smile, especially when you see photos of her in the news. And with all of her accomplishments, she does have a lot to smile about. She’s on Forbes’ 2016 Most Powerful … [Read more...]

Managing Millennials: Winning Over the Next Generation of Leaders

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Managers, mind your millennials. The so-called “trophy generation” may present some challenges, but these tech-savvy employees have a lot to offer and are fiercely loyal, once you fully engage them. Millennials are … [Read more...]